Sunday, June 25, 2017

1st Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu(BJJ) Experience

My college buddies had been inviting me for years to try Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and now I'm hooked to it. My background in martial art started back in 2005. I first tried Taekwondo and it gave me my first taste of martial art. After that, I just trained for it for a few months then I went to Aikido and Filipino Martial Arts. Those discipline gave me the insight on how to use my body as a weapon. 

Now, I tried BJJ for the 1st time. I don't know what to expect but what I know its gonna be hard and confusing for a white belt. We did warm-up exercise, stretching and shrimping. Shrimping is a new thing for me. It's the part where I struggled a lot but after a few tries my body  became familiar into it. My sensei is a young late 20's purple belt which taught the beginners the arm bar. Man, I was struggling for a few minutes then after ward. I kinda got familiar how it is executed. 

After that, He taught us Triangle leg choke which is complicated than the arm bar. I was overwhelm by those techniques, What I did is I put every move piece by piece until I perfectly execute it. After all those exercise, They started to roll and Sensei told us to watch and observe. The time that they are rolling, there are a lot of things happening which I told to myself. It's like Jazz music where a lot of techniques and variations being applied. I kinda enjoying watching it and from that day I started attend classes. I'm looking forward to learn more about this art. Ossss.

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