Saturday, December 13, 2014

Every Child is Special

Being a Music instructor to kids
I believe that every child is SPECIAL.
Kids are kids, their are fast learner
And other need special attention(like me before:)lol

Its a matter of instructor having a laser focus
on how he/she will adjust to learning ability of the kid.

Once the instructor discovered the system how the kid learns

He/She can make that kid reach its maximum potential
Helping the kid become the Best person he/she wants to be
what ever endeavor he/she chooses.

 *Note: After watching the movie EVERY CHILD IS SPECIAL by the best Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan, I was deeply inspired on how he manage to discover the learning disability of the kid and he did a method in order for that kid to learn and reach out his potential. Giving the kid the confidence that he has the ability to succeed despite the disability. I want to give a Salute to Aamir Khan for this master piece and inspiring me to be like him to my Music students.

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