Thursday, November 27, 2014

Good Bye Richard Parker the Cat

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I woke up 5 am in the morning.
I usual I would go outside to clean my old car Toyota Corolla Gli ae101
I was busy cleaning and all of suddenly a Yellow 90's model Mitsubishi Pajero
Hit our cat in the lower body part. I saw our poor cat literally crushed and
struggle to reach in the door steps of our home.

The sad part is that when I saw it was hit. It fellow senior or old cat saw it.
It immediately rushed to the scene of the poor cat.
Deep inside of me I was shocked to see that cats do have feeling for its fellow beings.
After Richard Parker(Cat) ran towards the gate of our house.

It laid down and struggling for its life.
On my part I try to teach it hoping for it be alive.
Eventually, Death came up this poor being on a very young stage.
The sad part is that my sister will never know or see Richard Parker again.

*There is an old belief for us pet lovers 
   when a pet die in untimely death
   the pet is the one receiving the
   accident towards the owner*

Thank you Richard Parker.

Tupac said " Life Goes On"

This a link to video I created for his memory

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