Monday, March 24, 2014

The Crimea new Attorney General - Natalia Poklonskaya - A beautiful hope

While browsing online, I saw a collage of pictures containing real and anime image.
 It caught my eyes to see an anime looking lady. She is not just an ordinary lady but the new Crimea attorney general her name is Natalia Poklonskaya. After she was appointed last March 11, 2014 and held an interview last March 19 to introduce her. After, a few hours her video and photo became the talks of the town. She went viral on the social media. Those who adore her made an anime sketch of her with side-by-side her real photo.

I searched her video online and I was mesmerize by her innocent looking face but don't get fooled. The beautiful Attorney General for Crimea and she talks about the issue of Russia ,Ukraine and Crimea having political issues that she is the one who talks on behalf of Crimea.
 Lets not talk about Politics and lets talk about her. Based from my research, she was born somewhere in 1980. It makes her 34 yrs old. and to be in a position that normally men hold is a prestige in itself.

Natalia Poklonskaya is the new online sensation that will be talk of the town with in the next few weeks.

There's a lot of men(Including me. lol :)) are seduced with her looks and the appeal of being a beautiful Attorney General of Crimea. I hope the political conflict within those area may soon be resolve and let this lady be the way to a peaceful and beautiful resolution. 

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