Saturday, February 23, 2013

Ronda Rousey First UFC women champion

This is a history in the making that will be opening doors for women in the world of MMA(mixed martial arts) that is exclusive for men. Now, this had changed the phase of the sport. UFC 157, the fighters that are headlined for this are Lyoto Machida against Dan Henderson. The awaited fight is Ronda Rousey against Liz Carmouche which was won by Ronda Rousey under women's bantamweight. A lot of UFC fan waited for this match up worldwide and now she is in the line with the likes Royce Gracie(1st UFC champion) and the legends. The first UFC women champion and I praise her for that accomplishment.

 Liz Carmouche a former member of the US Marine corps who served 5 years at Iraq. She entered the octagon with the background music "Satisfaction- Benny Benassi ". The aura was fierce some and Marine braveness with it. Ronda Rousey a Lady Judo Black belt and practitioner of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu got out wearing a hoodie and white Monster beats by Dr.Dre which up to now , i think is a lucky charm. She is with Gene LeBell a Legend in the Judo world back in the 70's.

The fight lasted 1 round at first both fighters take turn at striking and going for the clinch. After a while, Carmouche got Rousey on a rear naked choke, that seems to finish the game but Rousey got out of the position. After, that both got back at their feet then got back to the ground. The ground game got exciting because both fighters shows good technical Jiu-Jitsu skills. Rousey got into a position that is called an Armbar that gave her the championship. This made me jumping out of my seat. 

 I hope with this breakthrough, female in society can be opened to opportunities that is limited to man. I will be watching out for future women fighters who will be fighting in the Octagon. A great fight and historic that will be remembered in MMA history.

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