Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Juan For All, All for Juan

I love Eat Bulaga to death especially Juan and Wally of Juan for all, All for Juan. Their Antics, Comedy and Drama is one segment of the Oldest Noon Time Show in the Philippines. I became a fan of this show last year, during lunch time that I watch tv and just out of boredom for Cable shows, I sat and watch this show. It became a habit for me to watch Eat Bulaga especially Juan for All, All for Juan.

I love this show because of its appeal to me as it seeks to change a person lives by randomly choosing a name in a specific Barangay(Village here in the Philippines). Once, the person had been chosen, Juan, Wally and Paulo will go with the Sugod bahay gang to his/her house from there the Magic process. What I mean of Magic process, the lives of ordinary Filipinos will be transformed to a better livelihood and means of living. The term "Jump Brother" as a figure of speech to note of lively, welcoming or a happy start. Once, they Jump Brother, all the people will jump and my interpretation of it is for happiness and welcoming of blessing.The show is sponsored by a lot of Major products here in the Philippines.

Overall, Jose, Wally and Paulo. Are instrument of change by making people Laugh, Cry and Changing their lives for the Better. Mabuhay kayo

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