Friday, October 28, 2011

Fit For Life

Just Woke at 5 am in the morning and did my normal routine of praying, taking a bath, getting my exercise clothes and going for a morning run.

I normally walk from my house going to Power plant Rockwell as my warm-up
and by the time I reach Rockwell, I go to a open spot to start my stretching routine and after wards I go for a jog. I normally do 10 rounds at Power Plant and in between do my push-up and Jump Rope exercise.

I recently discovered the fun of doing Jumping Rope because when I was a kid, I don't do that kind of stuff because I'm fat. I researched its benefits and according to experts its a cardiovascular , flexibility and agility work-out. It will help me loose some pounds.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes of Jogging. I went back home and went Immediately to my abs and barbell work-out. The abs work-out is to remove my Beer Belly that I consumed through out those heavy drinking nights and its really hard to remove. The barbell work-out is for my chest, back and arms because, I don't have time to go the gym. So, I put it as part of my morning work-out. Overall, I maintain this kind of routine. If I want to achieve that Model type of body. Kudos to me and to all of you who are Fighting to keep Fit for Life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Ang sarap tumakbo
na parang wala ng bukas
takbo lang, takbo lang
hanggang bumangga

Sama ka sa trip ko
takbo tayo tol
Pangtanggal problema sa buhay
sama na

suot mo sapatos
lagay mo na jogging pants
Tumakbo ng walang kupas
habang buhay kitang mamahalin

Takbo tayo sa langit
takbo sa impyerno
takbo lang
ng takbo.


Ang sarap tumakbo
na parang wala ng bukas
takbo lang, takbo lang
hanggang bumangga

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't ever go away

I miss you smile
Your adorable lips
I miss you so much
Please come back to me

Is this real or fantasy?
Please wake me up
I'm longing for you
Kick me out of this dream

Please my friend
Why is this happening to me
All of them are going away from me
Why, tell me why?

If you come back to me
Please, I beg your pardon
Don't ever go away from me
I love you so much


I miss you