Thursday, December 29, 2011

The Guitar Part I


She is my friend for a very long time
10 years of friendship can never be replaced
by any one.

I love her and she loves me
Always with me, Always with you
She saw me grow

I love you so much
My guitar, My Baby
You are my life

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Juan For All, All for Juan

I love Eat Bulaga to death especially Juan and Wally of Juan for all, All for Juan. Their Antics, Comedy and Drama is one segment of the Oldest Noon Time Show in the Philippines. I became a fan of this show last year, during lunch time that I watch tv and just out of boredom for Cable shows, I sat and watch this show. It became a habit for me to watch Eat Bulaga especially Juan for All, All for Juan.

I love this show because of its appeal to me as it seeks to change a person lives by randomly choosing a name in a specific Barangay(Village here in the Philippines). Once, the person had been chosen, Juan, Wally and Paulo will go with the Sugod bahay gang to his/her house from there the Magic process. What I mean of Magic process, the lives of ordinary Filipinos will be transformed to a better livelihood and means of living. The term "Jump Brother" as a figure of speech to note of lively, welcoming or a happy start. Once, they Jump Brother, all the people will jump and my interpretation of it is for happiness and welcoming of blessing.The show is sponsored by a lot of Major products here in the Philippines.

Overall, Jose, Wally and Paulo. Are instrument of change by making people Laugh, Cry and Changing their lives for the Better. Mabuhay kayo

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Morning Jog(in the midst of the rain)

Good Morning world
wake up at 5 am
Put on my Running shoes
go out and spread the love

Spread the love
Despite the pain in my chest
Run, run, run and jog
I'm talking nonsense

For me Running is my breakfast
The Ganja for my soul
Despite the rain that touches my heel
I run and run and run

So, Help me my Friend
Lets run
You will know what I mead
Good bye

Friday, October 28, 2011

Fit For Life

Just Woke at 5 am in the morning and did my normal routine of praying, taking a bath, getting my exercise clothes and going for a morning run.

I normally walk from my house going to Power plant Rockwell as my warm-up
and by the time I reach Rockwell, I go to a open spot to start my stretching routine and after wards I go for a jog. I normally do 10 rounds at Power Plant and in between do my push-up and Jump Rope exercise.

I recently discovered the fun of doing Jumping Rope because when I was a kid, I don't do that kind of stuff because I'm fat. I researched its benefits and according to experts its a cardiovascular , flexibility and agility work-out. It will help me loose some pounds.

After 1 hour and 30 minutes of Jogging. I went back home and went Immediately to my abs and barbell work-out. The abs work-out is to remove my Beer Belly that I consumed through out those heavy drinking nights and its really hard to remove. The barbell work-out is for my chest, back and arms because, I don't have time to go the gym. So, I put it as part of my morning work-out. Overall, I maintain this kind of routine. If I want to achieve that Model type of body. Kudos to me and to all of you who are Fighting to keep Fit for Life.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011


Ang sarap tumakbo
na parang wala ng bukas
takbo lang, takbo lang
hanggang bumangga

Sama ka sa trip ko
takbo tayo tol
Pangtanggal problema sa buhay
sama na

suot mo sapatos
lagay mo na jogging pants
Tumakbo ng walang kupas
habang buhay kitang mamahalin

Takbo tayo sa langit
takbo sa impyerno
takbo lang
ng takbo.


Ang sarap tumakbo
na parang wala ng bukas
takbo lang, takbo lang
hanggang bumangga

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Don't ever go away

I miss you smile
Your adorable lips
I miss you so much
Please come back to me

Is this real or fantasy?
Please wake me up
I'm longing for you
Kick me out of this dream

Please my friend
Why is this happening to me
All of them are going away from me
Why, tell me why?

If you come back to me
Please, I beg your pardon
Don't ever go away from me
I love you so much


I miss you

Monday, August 15, 2011

Claire Marlo - Till they take my heart away

After listening to this song for 3 hours straight and trying to figure out the chords via capo and the net. This is Chord sheet of Till they take my heart away by Clair Marlo. A late 80's to early 90's hit. Enjoy.

Original key E
Capo 4th C chord position

4th fret capo()

E(C) C#m(Am) D(Bb)
I look into your eyes so far away
E(C) C#m(Am) D(Bb)
There's trouble in your mind you're losing faith

A(F) B(G) G#m(Em) - C#m(Am)
hey now...let me hold you it'll be okay
A(F) B(G) E(C)
'cause i will love you til' they take my heart away

E(C) C#m(Am)-D(Bb)
Remember when you called and said goodbye
E(C) C#m(Am)-D(Bb)
you'd thought we'd lost it all and so did i

A(F) B(G)
even if i'd lost you
G#m(Em) - C#m(Am)
i would feel the same
A(F) B(G) C#m(Am) A(F)
cause i will love you til' they take my heart away
B(G) G#m(Em)-C#m(Am) A(F) B(G)
believe.. im here to stay cause i will love you til' they take my heart

intro chords
verse 2
refrain 2

Solo: D(Bb)-C#m(Am)-F#m(Dm)-A(F)-B(G)-C#(A) then transpose to B(G)capo

B(G) C#(A) me
Bbm(F#m) Ebm(Bm)
i'm here to stay
'cause i will love you
C#(A) B(G) C#(A)
til' they take my heart away..
B(G) Bbm(F#m) Ebm(Bm)
i will love you
C#(A) F(D).....fade
til' they take my heart away...

Verse 2:
now we're stronger than before
we've made it through
i've never felt more sure
because of you

Refrain 2:
hey now are you listenin'
can you hear me say?
that i will love you til' they take my heart away
believe im here to stay...
'cause i will love you til' they take my heart away

Thursday, June 2, 2011

The biggest loser: Pinoy edition

Its been awhile since I blog about anything under the sun. Anyways, As of the moment in time I', pretty much physically active in Bodybuilding and fitness. This brings to mind the The Biggest Loser: Pinoy Edition

My thoughts about this show is that its a reality based show about large frame men and women, who have a goal in mind to loose weight for whatever reason they have.
It is hosted by Ms. Sharon Cuneta and Game Master Derek Ramsey who has a nice physique.
The 1st trainer is Jim Saret who is a fitness coach and is affliated with the Philippine Basketball team. The 2nd is Chinngay Andrada who is fitness instructor herself and is quite Strict in terms of training regimen.

I watched the show last night and its their first day of training regimen. I saw how these people perspired and shouted their last breath in doing those exercise. The trainers are motivating them to finish every set of the work out and asking them what is their goal to finish it. As for myself, I realize that I'm not alone in this journey to fitness that If this people are eager to lose weight, how about me ? The show motivates me to push myself harder for a better body and healthy future. Kudos.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Si Bentong

Magandang Gabi
Ikaw na nagbabasa nito ngayon

Nakita kita kasama si Bentong
Nakatambay kayo sa kanto ng Kalentong
Kasama si Inday at si Dodong
Pupunta daw kayo sa Sogong
Maraming tambay na Dugong.

Tinanong ka ni Bentong.
Mga tol ano ang gagawin niyo sa Kalentong
Ang sagot, pupunta lang kami doon para Bumalentong
Kasama ang Kabet ni Bentong at si Manong.

Si Bentong biglang nagkaroon ng Ketong
Nahawa si Mang Toyong
Na taga Mandaluyong
Kawawa sila dahil kay Bentong.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Memoirs of the Past

Time is very fast
You can't notice
Its past breakfast
I miss you

This poem doesn't make any sense
As of the moment
You, who is reading now
is curious on what I'm going to say

This is it.
Time is fast
So is you
I miss you now
Come back to me

Hugs, kiss and morning caresses
Is just a dream for me now
Letting me go
is the biggest disappointment of you

If you can read this
Please give me back
What I gave you
in my Dreams.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Photocopy of your Heart

My heart beats fast
Time flies swiftly
Looking at you,
is ecstasy to my eyes

Your touch tickles my sense
believing in your words
is no suicide for me
but birth for my soul

It may sound corny
But I want you to
be here with me
Physically, Mentally & Spiritually

If I could just Photocopy you
It doesn't matter whether
In short, medium or long
Just a copy of you is enough

But a Photocopy is just
A copy of you
I can't do anything
I can't hold you for real

Insane, it may sound
but please give me a
Photocopy of your heart
For it to be mine.

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sayaw ng pang habang buhay

isasayaw kita, habang buhay
Ikaw ang nagbigay buhay
di maintindihan ang nadarama
gusto ko sumayaw kasama ka

Masarap sumayaw
turuan mo ako sumayaw
para tayo ay magasaya
sa habang buhay


Sayaw ng pang habang buhay


After 2 years of on and off in the Sports of Running. I finally came back to the sport. I definately miss those long slow distance run. This reminds me of my Running bug back in 2008. What the fuck, its 2011. I'm in better shape back then than now. Its better to run than to eat.

Anyways, Hope to have a running group soon. Kudos.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

WETSHOP Green Aquathlon 2011

Tomorrow is my first AQUATHLON. It is my transition or "cross-over" to the typical Fun Run Race to Dual Sport Race. It consist of Swimming and Running, that I have been training for the past months. So, its time to sleep and by tomorrow,may the Glory be with me and Also with you.

January 16, 2011
Ultra Sports Complex Pasig

800 metre swim and 3 km run

Monday, January 10, 2011