Monday, November 15, 2010

Pump out those muscles

Good Day Folks. Woke up at around 10 am and surfed the net for 2 hours. After that I took my breakfast that is 2 cups of rice, Chopsuey and Adobong Manok. For us Athletes and body builders food is one of the source of energy, I'm lucky enough to live in a house that food is the business. We have canteen here in the house. So, food is not a problem for me. Lucky me.

Anyways, after that around 12 nn, I started to prepare my self for my daily gym training or body building. I rode my mountain bike going to Brgy. La Paz, Makati City and it is my warm up to the gym.
As, I arrive there at the gym. I did my basic routine like stretching, warm-up and etc.

My program awhile ago is focus on the LEGS and CHEST muscle.


1. Squats - 10, 10 ,15, 15, 20
2. Leg press -
10, 10 ,15, 15, 20
3. Leg Extension -
10, 10 ,15, 15, 20
My program is Tri -sets. It means after my first exercise I transfer to the next and to the last. My weights starts from heavy to light weight. Rest period is just 15 - 30 seconds.

After my leg work out, I felt the pain and pleasure "barag barag. lakas tama sa legs".


1. Bench Press - 10,10,10
2. Decline Press - 10,10,10
3. Peck Deck Machine - 10, 10
4. Standing Cable Cross over - 8,8,8

After my legs and chest, I did my tricep and biceps and ABS work-out.
My cardio is my biking from la paz to P.Burgos aproximately 5 km and
being in a bike gives me stoked. Sarap to the max.

Keep on working out and having fun for a better life.

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