Thursday, November 18, 2010

broken rhythm of my heart

My heart , oh my heart
What happened to you
is this fate or accident
is it my fault?

Why did I do this act?
What is it that this world is not fair
My petite lover
My "Ka awa awa na liit"

I want to be with you
but its not allowed.
Lord thy help
please help me.

I miss her now.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pump out those muscles

Good Day Folks. Woke up at around 10 am and surfed the net for 2 hours. After that I took my breakfast that is 2 cups of rice, Chopsuey and Adobong Manok. For us Athletes and body builders food is one of the source of energy, I'm lucky enough to live in a house that food is the business. We have canteen here in the house. So, food is not a problem for me. Lucky me.

Anyways, after that around 12 nn, I started to prepare my self for my daily gym training or body building. I rode my mountain bike going to Brgy. La Paz, Makati City and it is my warm up to the gym.
As, I arrive there at the gym. I did my basic routine like stretching, warm-up and etc.

My program awhile ago is focus on the LEGS and CHEST muscle.


1. Squats - 10, 10 ,15, 15, 20
2. Leg press -
10, 10 ,15, 15, 20
3. Leg Extension -
10, 10 ,15, 15, 20
My program is Tri -sets. It means after my first exercise I transfer to the next and to the last. My weights starts from heavy to light weight. Rest period is just 15 - 30 seconds.

After my leg work out, I felt the pain and pleasure "barag barag. lakas tama sa legs".


1. Bench Press - 10,10,10
2. Decline Press - 10,10,10
3. Peck Deck Machine - 10, 10
4. Standing Cable Cross over - 8,8,8

After my legs and chest, I did my tricep and biceps and ABS work-out.
My cardio is my biking from la paz to P.Burgos aproximately 5 km and
being in a bike gives me stoked. Sarap to the max.

Keep on working out and having fun for a better life.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last Sunday the "Makati Swimming Club" started its first swimming lesson at Marines Swimming pool and Mr.Herman Brinas(Pronounced as Brinyas,) of Letran College taught us the basic of swimming. As for me an intermediate swimmer, I learned the basics again from this great Teacher.

The lessons of this Club will continue until the student finally learn how to swim.

*Note: "Makati Swimming Club" is not a registered name of a swimming club here at Makati City. It's a generic name for our club because most members are from Makati City. So, if I'm violating any Trademark or Organization name, Please inform me to act on the said issue.

Thank you very much.