Saturday, September 18, 2010


Parkour is what we kids normally do in the playground but in the real world sense its is a way of moving from point a to b in a smooth manner.

Parkour is founded by David Belle . A son of a Fire Fighter in France whose name is Raymond Belle. Like Father and Son. Its purpose is to be used to save lives and escape from danger by the means of acrobatic moves and free running.

Personally, This is the thing that I use to do as a kid like jumping, rolling and making the world my playground. As, I mature I believe that training Parkour as a discipline will complement my trainings in Running, Swimming, Body Building, Wall climbing, Skateboard and Mountain biking.
A way to train the mind and soul that this world is border less or has "No Limits"

I'm planning to start my training next week at Luneta. I hope my body can cope up with the rigorous training.

Kudos, People

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