Saturday, September 18, 2010


Parkour is what we kids normally do in the playground but in the real world sense its is a way of moving from point a to b in a smooth manner.

Parkour is founded by David Belle . A son of a Fire Fighter in France whose name is Raymond Belle. Like Father and Son. Its purpose is to be used to save lives and escape from danger by the means of acrobatic moves and free running.

Personally, This is the thing that I use to do as a kid like jumping, rolling and making the world my playground. As, I mature I believe that training Parkour as a discipline will complement my trainings in Running, Swimming, Body Building, Wall climbing, Skateboard and Mountain biking.
A way to train the mind and soul that this world is border less or has "No Limits"

I'm planning to start my training next week at Luneta. I hope my body can cope up with the rigorous training.

Kudos, People

Friday, September 17, 2010

Super Hero for the world

When I was a kid, I use to watch a lot of comic hero cartoons like Batman, Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers and etc. I imitate there movements and their costumes as well. As kid, I'm having fun playing like a super hero that saves people that are in need.

Fastforward. Now I'm 22 yrs. old and living the time of my life but I ask myself Can I be a Super Hero at this point in time. Super Hero is a person that has Super Human abilities to jump high, run fast, fight and do all those Acrobatic moves. As for me, In my physical condition as of the moment. I can jump a 1 metres run 21k in a slow pace, Fight in a boxing gym practice and do front rolls as acrobatic moves.

So, I think my ability and physical capabilities is not enough to save the world from all the danger but I think I have the ability in my own simple way.
Like being a Brother Figure or "Kuya in Tagalog".to kids and teenagers nowadays are stress in life that they need a brotherly figure to hold on. As for me, that's what I'm doing as of the moment to the kids and teens here. A helping hand to needy and lonely people. Even so, back in 2006 I used to visit sick people and pray them over for them to feel comfort. Its a unique gift that I can heal other people.

Comparing me with Batman, Son Goku and the Power Rangers. We share the same idea of helping to protect the people and save the world from Catastrophic events. We have a mission and a goal that must be accomplished.

Having to reflect upon my words and action. I think and believe I need go back to save other peoples live from all bad things in order for them to continue to live LIFE in the fullness of God.

An excerpt from

Power Rangers Season 1 Episode 1 Part 2

This came from that HEAD guy named Zordon who is in the tube saying this to the rangers:
"Now that you have become Power Rangers you must follow 3 basic rules or lose the
protection of the Power"

1. Never use your power for personal gain
2. Never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you to do so
3. Keep your identity secret.

for the 1st rule - Once power is given to us in whatever form, whether you are politician, priest or a community leader. We must use it for the gain of the community and not for ourselves.

2nd rule - Escalate means to intensify. So, in real life going into war just to intensify the situation. Wait for the enemy to attack before you do your action. Rita is the villain in power ranger. She symbolizes negative force. Once in a battle wait for him/her/it to attack
and counter the attack. A principle in Aikido that means "Way of Harmony"

3rd rule - This best applies to all of us especially here in the Philippines. People here once they help somebody, they want all the attention and praise be put to them. So, a rules of thumb especially my way of life. Once I helped somebody, its enough for me for them to be cured or what so ever. I keep my profile low and go away. Let the credits go to GOD.

I hope this will help you people bring out the Super Hero in you.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Paraiso by Smokey Mountain

Paraiso is a song that was composed by Mr.Ryan Cayabyab. A well known music composer and director here in the Philippines.

Smokey Mountain was group composed of teens back in the mids 80's to mid 90's. This song Paraiso is a very powerful song that talks about Nature and what is happening to the surroundings of Smokey Mountain.

I. Return to a land called paraiso A place where a dying river ends No birds dare fly over paraiso No space allows them to endure The smoke that screens the air The grass that's never there

Refrain 1:
And if I could see a single bird What a joy! I try to write some words and create A simple song to be heard by the rest of the world

II.I live in a land called paraiso
In a house made of cardboard floors and walls I learned to be free in paraiso Free to claim anything I see Matching rags for my clothes Plastic bags for the colds

Refrain 2:
And if empty cans were all I have What a joy! I never fight to take someone else's coins and live with fear like the rest of the boys

Paraiso, help me make a stand Paraiso, take me by the hand Paraiso, make the world understand That if I could see a single bird What a joy! This tired and hungry land could expect Some truth and hope and respect From the rest of the world

Repeat Refrain 2

Repeat Chorus

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The 90's

I miss the 90'. The carelessness of my childhood. The music of innocence and love not like now its all Garbage. I miss the old Makati City. Most of the department store in Ayala is being renovated what is left is the Old Land Mark mall that have been there since the 80's and a part of Glorietta Activity center. Its all part of good memory.

Pictures of the 90's. The kids on the Block of Makati City

-> Old Mcdonald's greenbelth with the big playground back in the 90's
I'm the kid with the Red shirt Power rangers era. haha

The GreenBelt pond. this is how Greenbelt looks like before they made it to mall.
December 25, 1999

Wednesday, September 8, 2010