Thursday, November 18, 2010

broken rhythm of my heart

My heart , oh my heart
What happened to you
is this fate or accident
is it my fault?

Why did I do this act?
What is it that this world is not fair
My petite lover
My "Ka awa awa na liit"

I want to be with you
but its not allowed.
Lord thy help
please help me.

I miss her now.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Pump out those muscles

Good Day Folks. Woke up at around 10 am and surfed the net for 2 hours. After that I took my breakfast that is 2 cups of rice, Chopsuey and Adobong Manok. For us Athletes and body builders food is one of the source of energy, I'm lucky enough to live in a house that food is the business. We have canteen here in the house. So, food is not a problem for me. Lucky me.

Anyways, after that around 12 nn, I started to prepare my self for my daily gym training or body building. I rode my mountain bike going to Brgy. La Paz, Makati City and it is my warm up to the gym.
As, I arrive there at the gym. I did my basic routine like stretching, warm-up and etc.

My program awhile ago is focus on the LEGS and CHEST muscle.


1. Squats - 10, 10 ,15, 15, 20
2. Leg press -
10, 10 ,15, 15, 20
3. Leg Extension -
10, 10 ,15, 15, 20
My program is Tri -sets. It means after my first exercise I transfer to the next and to the last. My weights starts from heavy to light weight. Rest period is just 15 - 30 seconds.

After my leg work out, I felt the pain and pleasure "barag barag. lakas tama sa legs".


1. Bench Press - 10,10,10
2. Decline Press - 10,10,10
3. Peck Deck Machine - 10, 10
4. Standing Cable Cross over - 8,8,8

After my legs and chest, I did my tricep and biceps and ABS work-out.
My cardio is my biking from la paz to P.Burgos aproximately 5 km and
being in a bike gives me stoked. Sarap to the max.

Keep on working out and having fun for a better life.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


Last Sunday the "Makati Swimming Club" started its first swimming lesson at Marines Swimming pool and Mr.Herman Brinas(Pronounced as Brinyas,) of Letran College taught us the basic of swimming. As for me an intermediate swimmer, I learned the basics again from this great Teacher.

The lessons of this Club will continue until the student finally learn how to swim.

*Note: "Makati Swimming Club" is not a registered name of a swimming club here at Makati City. It's a generic name for our club because most members are from Makati City. So, if I'm violating any Trademark or Organization name, Please inform me to act on the said issue.

Thank you very much.

Saturday, September 18, 2010


Parkour is what we kids normally do in the playground but in the real world sense its is a way of moving from point a to b in a smooth manner.

Parkour is founded by David Belle . A son of a Fire Fighter in France whose name is Raymond Belle. Like Father and Son. Its purpose is to be used to save lives and escape from danger by the means of acrobatic moves and free running.

Personally, This is the thing that I use to do as a kid like jumping, rolling and making the world my playground. As, I mature I believe that training Parkour as a discipline will complement my trainings in Running, Swimming, Body Building, Wall climbing, Skateboard and Mountain biking.
A way to train the mind and soul that this world is border less or has "No Limits"

I'm planning to start my training next week at Luneta. I hope my body can cope up with the rigorous training.

Kudos, People

Friday, September 17, 2010

Super Hero for the world

When I was a kid, I use to watch a lot of comic hero cartoons like Batman, Dragon Ball Z, Power Rangers and etc. I imitate there movements and their costumes as well. As kid, I'm having fun playing like a super hero that saves people that are in need.

Fastforward. Now I'm 22 yrs. old and living the time of my life but I ask myself Can I be a Super Hero at this point in time. Super Hero is a person that has Super Human abilities to jump high, run fast, fight and do all those Acrobatic moves. As for me, In my physical condition as of the moment. I can jump a 1 metres run 21k in a slow pace, Fight in a boxing gym practice and do front rolls as acrobatic moves.

So, I think my ability and physical capabilities is not enough to save the world from all the danger but I think I have the ability in my own simple way.
Like being a Brother Figure or "Kuya in Tagalog".to kids and teenagers nowadays are stress in life that they need a brotherly figure to hold on. As for me, that's what I'm doing as of the moment to the kids and teens here. A helping hand to needy and lonely people. Even so, back in 2006 I used to visit sick people and pray them over for them to feel comfort. Its a unique gift that I can heal other people.

Comparing me with Batman, Son Goku and the Power Rangers. We share the same idea of helping to protect the people and save the world from Catastrophic events. We have a mission and a goal that must be accomplished.

Having to reflect upon my words and action. I think and believe I need go back to save other peoples live from all bad things in order for them to continue to live LIFE in the fullness of God.

An excerpt from

Power Rangers Season 1 Episode 1 Part 2

This came from that HEAD guy named Zordon who is in the tube saying this to the rangers:
"Now that you have become Power Rangers you must follow 3 basic rules or lose the
protection of the Power"

1. Never use your power for personal gain
2. Never escalate a battle unless Rita forces you to do so
3. Keep your identity secret.

for the 1st rule - Once power is given to us in whatever form, whether you are politician, priest or a community leader. We must use it for the gain of the community and not for ourselves.

2nd rule - Escalate means to intensify. So, in real life going into war just to intensify the situation. Wait for the enemy to attack before you do your action. Rita is the villain in power ranger. She symbolizes negative force. Once in a battle wait for him/her/it to attack
and counter the attack. A principle in Aikido that means "Way of Harmony"

3rd rule - This best applies to all of us especially here in the Philippines. People here once they help somebody, they want all the attention and praise be put to them. So, a rules of thumb especially my way of life. Once I helped somebody, its enough for me for them to be cured or what so ever. I keep my profile low and go away. Let the credits go to GOD.

I hope this will help you people bring out the Super Hero in you.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Paraiso by Smokey Mountain

Paraiso is a song that was composed by Mr.Ryan Cayabyab. A well known music composer and director here in the Philippines.

Smokey Mountain was group composed of teens back in the mids 80's to mid 90's. This song Paraiso is a very powerful song that talks about Nature and what is happening to the surroundings of Smokey Mountain.

I. Return to a land called paraiso A place where a dying river ends No birds dare fly over paraiso No space allows them to endure The smoke that screens the air The grass that's never there

Refrain 1:
And if I could see a single bird What a joy! I try to write some words and create A simple song to be heard by the rest of the world

II.I live in a land called paraiso
In a house made of cardboard floors and walls I learned to be free in paraiso Free to claim anything I see Matching rags for my clothes Plastic bags for the colds

Refrain 2:
And if empty cans were all I have What a joy! I never fight to take someone else's coins and live with fear like the rest of the boys

Paraiso, help me make a stand Paraiso, take me by the hand Paraiso, make the world understand That if I could see a single bird What a joy! This tired and hungry land could expect Some truth and hope and respect From the rest of the world

Repeat Refrain 2

Repeat Chorus

Thursday, September 9, 2010

The 90's

I miss the 90'. The carelessness of my childhood. The music of innocence and love not like now its all Garbage. I miss the old Makati City. Most of the department store in Ayala is being renovated what is left is the Old Land Mark mall that have been there since the 80's and a part of Glorietta Activity center. Its all part of good memory.

Pictures of the 90's. The kids on the Block of Makati City

-> Old Mcdonald's greenbelth with the big playground back in the 90's
I'm the kid with the Red shirt Power rangers era. haha

The GreenBelt pond. this is how Greenbelt looks like before they made it to mall.
December 25, 1999

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Brand New love

Brand new love is a Jpop with Eurobeat ingfluence by D&D. A late 90's Japanese girl dance group that mix Jpop with techno,Eurodance and Dance Dance Revolution type of Ambience(for those who are kids of the 90's and played DDR in Arcade and Playstation 1, you know what I mean).

I just found this out on Youtube and I was hooked up in the song. Enjoy it.

Brand New Love

Anata no manazashi ni kimochi ga sukitooru
Fushigi na hodo watashi de irareru
All feel so brand new

Dare to koi shitetemo
Dokoka muri shite ita
Kodou ga ima mune ni oshieteru loving you!
This is a love! Kanjiteru
This is my life! Dakishimeteru
This is my way! Tsuzuite iru
Subete ga ugoiteku

Atsuku brand new love kokoro ni
Ima umareta kisetsu kizamu yo
Zutto oikakeru futari mitsuketa manazashi wo!

Nagai yamiyo ga kitemo fukitobashite yuku yo
Kono yuuki ga yume wo tsunaideku trusting you!
This is a love! Anata ga iru
This is my life! Watashi ga iru
This is my way! Hitotsu ni naru
Subete wo tsutsunde iku

Atsuku brand new love anata to
Ima hashirihajimeru mirai e
Tooi hoshi sae mo
Futari nara sugu tsukamesou

Brand new love mamoru yo
Ima mune ni afureru jounetsu
Motto tsuyoku naru habataite yuku eien ni!

Brand new love kokoro ni ima kizamu yo
Zutto oikakeru futari mitsuketa mabushisa wo!
Tatta hitori no sou kakegae no nai anata ni
Meguriaeta koto itsumo hokoreru renai ni naru!

Brand new love anata to
Ima hashirihajimeru mirai e
Tooi hoshi sae mo
Futari nara sugu tsukamesou

Brand new love mamoru yo
Ima mune ni afureru jounetsu
Motto tsuyoku naru habataite yuku eien ni!

English Translation

Your gaze makes my feelings clear
It's curious how much I can be myself
All feel so brand new

No matter who I was in love with
There was always something forced
My heartbeat is telling me now, loving you!
This is a love! I can feel it
This is my life! Hold me
This is my way! It continues
Everything is moving

A passionate brand new love was just born in my heart
I'll carve it in the season
I'll keep chasing this gaze we found!

Even if a long dark night comes, I'll blow it away
This courage connects our dreams, trusting you!
This is a love! You're here
This is my life! I'm here
This is my way! We'll become one
Enfolding everything

Our passionate brand new love
I'm running towards the future now with you
It feels like if we're together
We can even grab the faraway stars

Brand new love, I'll protect you
This passion is overflowing in my heart
I'll become stronger and fly forever!

Brand new love, I'll carve it in my heart now
I'll keep chasing this brilliance we found!
You are my one and only, so precious to me
Our love will make me proud of the fact that we met!

Our passionate brand new love
I'm running towards the future now with you
It feels like if we're together
We can even grab the faraway stars

Brand new love, I'll protect you
This passion is overflowing in my heart
I'll become stronger and fly forever!

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I'm with my Biek

Si biek ay ang aking pinakamamahal na biek sa mundo
Siya ang bestfriend ko sa pagtulog
Siya ay ang aking panaginip

siya ay si biek. ko mahal na mahal ko si biek ko.

Friday, July 9, 2010

Bike bike bike

Just finish doing my bike work out for the weekend nakaka stoked...ikot ng Makati, Mandaluyong and Manila.(Delpan and Sta.Ana Area) as you can.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brand New Day

A brand new day
for me to play
say that its forever
Today is November

November is it
or not

July is the sweetest name of all
but Vanessa is the Greatest name of them all

Stigmatize by her name
The look in her eyes
Captures my soul

She is mine forever
Death is the one who will depart us

Love is here Name
I am Edward
not from Twilight.

Je'taime . Aisheteru

Monday, June 28, 2010

No Doubt - Don't speak

I have been listening to the song for the past 1 day and i've got an LSS going on.
The song is about Gwen Stefani and Tony Kanal(bassist of No Doubt) separating ways after 8 years on relationship. Stefani stretches out here vocal prowess unto this song. The music it self has a pop-ska-reggae theme(i don't know the musical term for that Sorry). Regarding the song it gave way for No doubt to be known Globally back in the mid 90's.

At this point in time, I'm inspired to cover this song.

Don't Speak is at the key of Eb practice your Guitar scaling guys.
I like the Nylon guitar solo of Tom Dumont at the song.
He is one of the underrated guitar players of the 90's that Guitar Magazines
will give him slot.

Sunday, June 27, 2010


is this true?
is this Love?

A question at the back of my briefs..
Does she love me
Or Do I love her?

Questions from Above

Friday, June 25, 2010

Hold On - NeoColours

Hold On – Neocolours

Hey, baby, how’s life been movin’ on?
I can’t deny it, now you are gone
This is the first time
Can I make it through?
Without you now, do the things I used to do

It’s getting harder to ease the pain
The feeling changes, love still remains
I don’t know how if I can get this right
Maybe given time
I’ll make the most of what I’ve got

Is this the price we pay
With all the good times we shared
Faithfully, we’ve got a reason to go on
I know it’s good to be true
Just spend the nights with you
Let me tell you that our love can make it through

Hold on, baby hold on
We’ve got to go on now
This feeling so strong
Hold on, baby hold on
It’s a burning desire
Comin’ right down the wire

Sweet talking it’s all in the line
There’s no turning back
Unless you make up your mind
The expectations after all of these years
Risin’ to the moment let’s forget all our fears

Is this the love we have
With all the good times we shared
Faithfully, we’ve got a reason to go on
I know it’s good to be true
Just spend the nights with you
Let me tell you that our love can make it through

Hold on, baby hold on
We’ve got to go on now
This feeling so strong
Hold on, baby hold on
It’s a burning desire
Comin’ right down the wire

And when the night is over
Well, no one can deny it
Got to believe in
We couldn’t ask for more
Than to hold each other tight
It’s just we’ll never take things for granted

Hold on, baby hold on
We’ve got to go on now
This feeling so strong
Hold on, baby hold on
It’s a burning desire
Comin’ right down the wire
Hold on, baby hold on (hold on)
We’ve got to go on now
(You can hold on to me while I hold on to you…)
Hold on, baby hold on… (hold on)

Monday, June 21, 2010

10 million fire flies

I'm listening to I-fm 93.9.

I want to be somebody in the next few months..

Genie grant my wish...

I want to volunteer

I want to help

I want to my kids happy...

Fly to the sky
Never return back to limbo
Salvation is here

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Panaginip by Crazy as Pinoy

Crazy as Pinoy


Nagtitipon na ang puso ko 'pag ako'y inaantok
Wala na 'kong pakialam kahit papakin pa ng lamok
Kahit mainit, malamig basta't napasandal
Dire-diretso na ang tulog kahit bumarandal

Well, okey lang, alam ko naman na magkikita pa naman
Tayong dalawa sa may tagpuan tayo lang ang may alam
Maramdaman na kahit minsan na ako'y iyong mahal
Subalit nagising na lang ako na meron nang sumasakal

Umaandar pa rin ang isip ko na kasama pa kita
Kahit sinasampal nila ako, nakikita pa kita
Ano nga bang pinakain mo, bakit patay na patay ako
Pati na nga trabaho ko, napabayaan ko

Ipagtatapat sa 'yo ikaw lang ang aking pantasya
Sagutin mo lang ako, ililibot kita sa Asya
Buong hacienda, ipapamana sa iyo
Okey na sana ang lahat, bakit ginising mo pa ako

Kung panaginip ka lang, ayaw ko nang magising pa
'Pagkat nadarama'y ligaya
Lahat ng naisin mo'y aking ibibigay
'Pagkat ikaw ay aking mahal

Pagbigyan mo naman ako, minsan na lamang hihiling
Pagkatapos naman nito, patuloy kitang mamahalin
'Wag mo namang palampasin ang gabing ito nang 'di malinaw
'Paliwanag mo nang mabuti pero 'wag mong isigaw

Napahiyaw 'pagkat nangyari ang aking inaasam
Kahit medyo suntok sa buwan at least 'di na manghihiram
Kay Ka Bunegro na may gawa ng matatamis na panaginip
Luluwang na ang paghinga, ang puso'y 'di na maninikip

Pinapahigpit mo pa nga ang yakap, ako nama'y tuwang-tuwa
At ang milagro ngang ito, sa isip ko, walang-wala
Binale-wala ang mga kantsaw na 'di raw tayo nababagay
Ako mismo, 'di makapaniwala na sa 'kin ka pa bibigay

Pinagpalagay ko na lang ang lahat ay kaloob sa 'kin ng Diyos
Kailanma'y 'di babastusin, susundin lahat ng utos
Hanggang mapaos sa awitin, sana nama'y iyong dinggin
At kung panaginip lang ito, sana'y 'di na ko magising

[Repeat CHORUS]

Nasa'n ka man ngayon
Nais ko malaman mo
Hinahanap-hanap ko
Kinakabahan, iyong halik

Kung panaginip ka lang, ayaw ko nang magising pa
'Pagkat nadarama'y ligaya
Lahat ng maisip mo'y aking ibibigay
'Pagkat ikaw ay aking mahal

Dapat ko lang tapatan, taasan, higitan nang walang hanggan
Pagmamahal na inalay mo, lubusan kong tutumbasan
Sabihin mo lang, sige lang, sige lang bago tuluyang mabuang
'Di na nga makapaghihintay, pahalik naman, isa lang, isa lang, isa lang

Ha, ha ha ha ha ha ha, he he he
Nababaliw yata ako sa tamis ng 'yong halik
Masasabik ako parati na ikaw ay makapiling
Pero this time, baby, ako'y nagising, nagising, nagising, nagising

Na para bang duling, para bang lasing na napraning
Sabihin mo lang kung sa'n patungo upang aking marating
Ang minimithi, abot-kamay,walang wala ito sablay
Handang-handa nang maghintay, wala na sanang bibigay

Mga halik hanggang buhay, mga halik kahit patay
Parang pilay na walang saklay kapag ika'y humiwalay
Mamamatay dahil sa 'yo, mabubuang dahil sa 'yo
Mamamatay na lang ako kung panaginip lang ito

[Repeat CHORUS]

'Pagkat ikaw ay aking mahal
Hah hah hah haah

Monday, May 3, 2010

Morning Work out

woke at 4 am. I did my morning routine and went on my Biking exercise. My route is from Makati to Manila and back and Fort. FUCKKK..stoked in the Morning rock n roll

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Organizing thy life

Organizing is an art
The art of becoming
The one you must be
The one that is me

The end

Monday, April 26, 2010

Aikido: The Way of harmony

It is a martial arts of peace for everyone. We are all brothers and sister of this world. We are one.


Ai - way
ki - enery
do - harmony

Aikido is way of harmony

These are some videos from Makati City S.M.A.R.T summer Aikido class

Thanks to Sensei Lilet of Makati Aikido Club

S.M.A.R.T - is a youth program in Makati City that provides the youth from age 5 - 21. The chance to learn skills in the Arts, Music, Personality development and Sports. It started back in the Summer of 2003. I'm one of the first batch of that program and it gave me a good teenage memory. I enrolled Guitar and badminton that lead me to improve as a person.

S.M.A.R.T is the project of Councilor Jun-Jun Binay. Thanks to him, the youth of Makati City is alive and being molded as a better citizen of this country. Thanks Councilor Jun-Jun.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fuck. long sleep

I just woke up from a very long sleep and my dreams are all weird. I miss her so much.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Just finish doing my swimming workout a MASA. The public pool of Makati. One word sarap at ang init.

Monday, April 19, 2010

Guitar Maniacs

I'm holding my SG Rocker. A china produced guitar that can be dated backed in the early 2000's.
I love playing this guitar. Guitar is my life. Rock on \m/

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Watching North Korea

North Korea, A country divided by War and is a mysterious country for the rest of well.

Wave board : Extreme sports for kids

The Wave board is the relative of the Skateboard. The difference is that it runs on two big wheels and slim body shape.The wheel is able to rotate a full 360°. The platforms are connected by a torsion bar that allows them to pivot about the X–axis. Those are the physical aspects of the board.


Hello World

I'm Pentatonic88, I have been existing in this world for the past 22 years and still making the World my Playground. I'm gonna show you guys what the world is
really about, A big Jungle that is full of adventure. It's a place where we could all be Happy Campers. Cheers