Sunday, January 22, 2017

Memory of my unfished love story - part 1

Behold me, hearing your breath
that wakes my inner being
grabbing you from behind
and kissing you. its lingers to my mind
But suddenly all things doesn't stay
Along the way, I fear to hear the song
Titled: Broken vow being played on your iPod

But reality is coming to fast
As I write this poem for you
Tears starts to fall on this keyboard

to be continued...

Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Sparks Malate: 24 hour Great food and Service

I was recently invited for a soft opening of a bar named Sparks Malate. Once I heard the name, it gave me a picture of a electrifying and thrilling experience of a bar to be. In order to finish all my doubt. I went there and discover for it myself. When I enter the bar, I was given a quick tour on what to expect of this 24 hour bar and entertainment. I was first brought to one of the VIP rooms at Sparks Malate and gave us sample of their appetizers. 

The food that was served are your typical Fipino Pulutan and what makes it more interesting is the way they served. Obviously, you can see here in the photos on how delicious its prepared and once you taste it, you will crave for more.

 After giving free taste of the food. We tried the VIP room entertainment where they have Karaoke system that has all the latest songs and good quality sound, thanks to Sony Sound System. It gave the whole experience wanting to go back here and try it all over again. Sparks Malate is one of the its branches while the other branch is in Tomas Morato(Gimmick destination at Quezon City). This bar will is not an ordinary bar and resto. It is a 24 hour Sports bar and restaurant in which it caters to all sports. Starting from the pay per view fights of Manny Pacquiao, UFC, NBA and whole other sports tv. This 24 hour concept is one of its class here in Malate, Manila where local and foreign visitors go and have a good time. The good time concept is not just at night, Sparks Malate offers it 24/7 non-stop entertainment, food and great customer service. 
Over all, I rate Sparks Malate a 5 star that means it offer an excellent customer service, delicious food and 24 hour sports bar that will give that fun and action 24/7 here at heart of Malate, Manil.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Every Child is Special

Being a Music instructor to kids
I believe that every child is SPECIAL.
Kids are kids, their are fast learner
And other need special attention(like me before:)lol

Its a matter of instructor having a laser focus
on how he/she will adjust to learning ability of the kid.

Once the instructor discovered the system how the kid learns

He/She can make that kid reach its maximum potential
Helping the kid become the Best person he/she wants to be
what ever endeavor he/she chooses.

 *Note: After watching the movie EVERY CHILD IS SPECIAL by the best Bollywood Actor Aamir Khan, I was deeply inspired on how he manage to discover the learning disability of the kid and he did a method in order for that kid to learn and reach out his potential. Giving the kid the confidence that he has the ability to succeed despite the disability. I want to give a Salute to Aamir Khan for this master piece and inspiring me to be like him to my Music students.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Good Bye Richard Parker the Cat

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I woke up 5 am in the morning.
I usual I would go outside to clean my old car Toyota Corolla Gli ae101
I was busy cleaning and all of suddenly a Yellow 90's model Mitsubishi Pajero
Hit our cat in the lower body part. I saw our poor cat literally crushed and
struggle to reach in the door steps of our home.

The sad part is that when I saw it was hit. It fellow senior or old cat saw it.
It immediately rushed to the scene of the poor cat.
Deep inside of me I was shocked to see that cats do have feeling for its fellow beings.
After Richard Parker(Cat) ran towards the gate of our house.

It laid down and struggling for its life.
On my part I try to teach it hoping for it be alive.
Eventually, Death came up this poor being on a very young stage.
The sad part is that my sister will never know or see Richard Parker again.

*There is an old belief for us pet lovers 
   when a pet die in untimely death
   the pet is the one receiving the
   accident towards the owner*

Thank you Richard Parker.

Tupac said " Life Goes On"

This a link to video I created for his memory

Thursday, November 20, 2014

A Note to my future self part 1

Mark, You're the best. 
Never Give up.

Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Whoops Kirri

You answer my call
At my bed

Like there is no tomorrow.
I cannot forget this night
You are mine
but by the time rings
I have to let you go.

Have a nice day.

PS: Listening to Whoops Kirri I know I love you.

Sunday, August 31, 2014



Beautiful Eyes

Eat food

Save tonight fight the break of dawn